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“Creating    meaningful   architecture”

///////////////////////////////Featured Work

Barcelona Sports Facility
and public spaces

Nou barris, 2017-2018

-On site-

The new sports facility building will integrate a public swimming pool on its ground floor and a basketball court on the top level.Passive architecture, CLT Cross laminated timber structure , efficient MEP systems and renewable energy to achieve a Nearly zero-energy building NZEB.

Multifunctional Building

Castro-urdiales, Cantabria Spain


Value of archaeological heritage: The proposal respects this ancient Roman colony on the Cantabrian coast, preserving the existing ruins and providing the city with a new adaptable building.

Hydroponic green facade underway.... 

Barcelona Sports facility

-On site-

Acting as a second skin- as a bioclimatic filter- the South-east facing hydroponic green facade will reduce the Summer direct radiation and save on water use, producing a micro-climate and becoming a source for biodiversity 
The NE and NW facades will also integrate specific green species according to their orientation, so that the building mimetize and becomes part of the new public garden next to the facility.

3rd finalist open competition, Can Peguera urban intervention 

Nou Barris district
Bimsa, Ajuntament de Barcelona , April 2018


The proposal aimed at connecting the different existing buildings via a series of new pedestrian pathways and at the same time introduce new public spaces for cultural and social activities.

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