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CEM Turó de la Peira
Nou Barris, Barcelona

Ajuntament de Barcelona
1st Prize competition , 2014

Status: Built , 2016-2018

4 430 m2 (Building) +
3 952 m2   (Plaza- new garden)


Ciutat de Barcelona Award 2019: 
Architecture & Urbanism Winner
Premi Ciutat de Barcelona 2019: Arquitectura i Urbanisme

World Architecture Festival WAF 2019:
Shortlisted, Category :
Sport-completed buildings

Mapei Awards for sustainable architecture 2019,
Seville, Spain

co-author: A. Noguera

Project collaborators:

Manel Fernández: structure
Xavier Saltó-Caba: MEP & sustainability
Anna Zahonero: landscape
Energiehaus & Progetic: energy & sustainability, simulations

photo credits: Aleix Gonzalez, Javier Fdz.

Located in one of the lowest income neighborhoods of Barcelona, the project is based on peoples needs,  urban regeneration and the re-introduction of nature to the interior courtyard, by creating a new garden that contributes to the city environmental quality and serves as a support for biodiversity. The structure of the garden gives consistency to the previous degradated space full of concrete, framed by a heterogeneous urban tissue. A new place of social relation, as a filter of the commercial activity of the surroundings, structured in different zones; spaces for the elderly, children's playground area and places of leisure.
The new sports facility building will integrate a public swimming pool on its ground floor and a basketball court on the top level.The building is considered as another element of the garden.The green of the garden bends and ascends to the new building Green hydroponic facade, which integrates local species. Passive architecture,Cross laminated timber structure CLT, efficient MEP systems and renewable energy to achieve a Nearly zero-energy building NZEB.

LEED Certification:  Platinum

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