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Stockholm Park gate

Järfälla, Stockholm, Sweden
Client: Kaledjohill
2nd Prize, competition
Status: Built
Technology has never been more influential in our behaviour than it is today. Many people find themselves in a situation where they feel like they cannot exist without technology. It has made us more virtually “connected” and has also opened a whole world of possibilities, undoubtely it has brought positive effects. Nevertheless, some people are avoiding real personal contacts and are reducing their interaction with nature & open spaces, setting their own mental limits.The proposal uses this limits as a metaphor and tries to make people aware that they aren’t enclosed only in a virtual world, but in one within nature.The proposal invite us to re-think & question our perception of space. A series of thin pavement lines in Järfälla’s open park will mark the new entrance gate, while creating spatial “limits”,the epitome between one being free or enclosed.

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