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|  Songdo Library  |

SONGDO International City, South Korea.


Collaborators:  Surekha D, Ryu Arch.


The new Library Building emerges from the will to connect citizens with citizens (social interaction), with knowledge, technology & nature, all within a cultural & flexible approach, in which all is adaptable. Conceived as a recognizable compact transparent and permeable volume surrounded by gardens and a sunken Piazza, the new building will act as a container or catalyzer of interior and exterior activities, able to change at any time its internal configuration, and connecting visually with the surroundings and IFEZ larger context. It is in the spirit of creating surprising encounters & synergies between citizens that we didn’t focus only in creating a great building for Songdo, but a real integrated complex where a “Sunken Agora” serve as a gathering place for all ages,a place to stay, in connection directly to the rest of
the site and the city. The building floorplate spiral around a central Atrium in the heart of the building, allowing for natural light and ventilation, generating visual connections across the different levels. Following the ancient Hanok (한옥) material tradition, we look forward into using Korean larch /CLT and create a prefabricated Library, having in mind a more ecological new era of architecture.