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| 3X1 Museums building |

Yaroslavl, Russia
Client: Yaroslavl City
1st Prize, Spartacus Alive International competition, 2013
The site is within the UNESCO zone in the center of the russian city of Yaroslavl.Our goal was to respect as much as possible the historical layer at a depth near 1 m. Thus, we proposed to transform the existing site(an out of regulation running field to be demolished) into a new cultural HUB which integrates 3 different uses of the existing space. We aimed to take the concept of “Flexible space” to another level, not only by creating a building that could change its interior spatial distribution at any given time, but one that at the same time integrated in its overall design 3 different programs:  a container for Culture at the lower level (2 Museums), to become a Summer Memorial site surrounded by nature(in memory of the 2011 accident of the Lokomotiv Yaroslavlv ice hockey team victims)and, during Winter, transform itself into an Ice skating rink for the people, a 3X1